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Stove Inventory (Cooking Stoves)

McClary logoCanadian Antique Stoves carries an inventory of about 200 unrestored stoves that include Ranges, Cook Stoves, and a large variety of Heaters, such as those illustrated throughout this web site. If I don't have it, I can probably get it, and if I can't get it then I can probably refer you to a source.

The following is a representative sample of cooking stoves that either I have on hand or have recently sold.

Cooking Stoves | Heating Stoves

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                              Malleable Steel Range 1910
Monarch Malleable Steel Range 
c. 1910

"Home Comfort" Malleable
                              Steel Range c. 1915 (Restoration in
"Home Comfort" Steel Range
   c. 1905
Findlay Tile Back Range c.1925
Findlay Tile Back Range
c. 1925
Jasper Range 1929
Jasper Range
Buck's Happy Thought Steel Range -
Buck's Happy Thought Steel Range 1916 - original condition
Buck's Happy Thought Cast Range
                              c.1900 - unrestored
Buck's Happy Thought Cast Range c. 1900 - unrestored
McClary Famous Kootenay Range
McClary Famous Kootenay Range c. 1910
McClary Famous Kootenay Range
McClary Famous Kootenay Range c. 1915
McClary Famous Kootenay Range c. 1923 model
Empress Hotel Cook stove c.1885
Empress Hotel Cook c. 1885

McClary Brandon Cook Stove   
c. 1890
Albion #7 Cook - original
Stewart Range - rough
Yes, this stove is restorable!

Presently I do not have a lot of finished stoves in my shop that are ready for sale. When a stove is completed I want to see it going down the road in a customer's truck - and a smile on the customer's face.

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